Our group will have the privilege of experiencing and serving at Mully Children’s Family! We will spend time with the children of MCF in the classroom, at worship, on the playground, and other settings. We will tour the MCF campuses and discover the magnitude of MCF’s sustainability programs that provide food and water not only for the MCF children but also for the surrounding-area residents in need. We may serve this same community by bringing needed food and possibly two goats, or a cooking stove.

Our group could plant trees to help create a future MCF forest. We will take in the miracles that have occurred through the generous hearts of Charles and Esther Mulli since 1989. There will be other service opportunities dependent on the students’ schedules, our team’s individual skills, and what Charles Mulli arranges for our group.

Estimated cost of $1950 plus your airfare (estimate of $2000 which needs to be paid first). This cost covers lodging, ground transportation, meals, bottled water, traveler’s insurance, gratuities, safari, and a safe sanctuary check from our church. Discounts and Scholarships available for first time mission trip attendees (25%) and students (50%) up to $1500!

Community outreach activities to families and area schools are also included. (Airfare will be arranged so all participants can fly on the same flight).

On the first night in Kenya, we will overnight in Nairobi at the Grace House Resort; then travel to Ndalani to the MCF main campus and stay at their guesthouse, and later in our trip we will go on safari overnight to Sweetwaters Serena Camp (or comparable facility).

We will provide a Vaccinations and Tips for Staying Healthy document (to be provided later). Be advised that immunizations often take several weeks to administer and can be expensive.

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